Mr. D.Srinivas Reddy,Managing Director

Equipped with a Degree in Civil Engineering and over 20 years of Construction experience in AP State R&B Dept, Mr Reddy took voluntary retirement and launched HSR Ventures in 2003 . He has received several accolades including the Best Engineer Award from the Govt. of A.P. At HSR, he spearheads the planning and execution of all the projects.

Mr. Ch. Subhash,Executive Director

Creator of SenSen Networks, Mr.Subhash has extensive experience in R&D, product development and innovation management. He has been a Professor and Senior Principal Scientist in Australia. A graduate in EEE from JNTU, India, he received his Ph.D. from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Mr.S. Sarveswar Reddy,Director

A Law graduate who did his post graduation in Commerce, Mr.Reddy is a practicing Company Secretary apart from being an expert in financial markets and capital market related matters. Unsurprisingly, he has vast knowledge of SEBI, Stock Exchange and Company Law related matters.

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